Why I am blogging and why wordpress

Over the last few years, I have seriously been thinking about starting a web log.

There are 2 main reasons why I want to blog:

1. I want a single place where I can post my physics ideas (and more generally, math and science related issues). Not all peer reviewed journals are open to all readers. Moreover, journals are not ideal for trial balloons and for open ended discussions, etc.

2. I would like to blog about memories, anecdotes, autobiographical details, and pseudo-random thoughts. (Does real randomness exist?)

Why wordpress?

In a word: \LaTeX !!

\LaTeX is simply Am^az_ing in what it can do and I have published many articles and even books using this amazing software.

With this first post, I inaugurate this new blog!

3 thoughts on “Why I am blogging and why wordpress

  1. Hi Gandhi,

    there is randomness? This is a
    interesting question. I think
    is real.
    I like to think that is how to understand the
    mechanisms underlying the adaptation of
    species without the presence of a
    consciousness, the randomness is a good

    Congratulations by blog idea

  2. Oi, Ghandi:
    Gostei do seu blog. Na realidade estava procurando pelo seu e-mail.
    Vai haver uma exposição fotográfica, de meu amigo Fernando Pereira, no centro de convivência, ufrn. Vai ser de 8 a 27 de março. A abertura será no dia 7 de março, aas 19 horas. Apareça lá para discutirmos as fotos e conversarmos!
    Um abraço,

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