Scale invariance, random walks and complex networks

Here is the link to a youtube video of a talk I gave at the International Institute of Physics (IIP) at UFRN, in Natal, Brazil.  It is one of many talks given by invited lecturers at the school on Physics and Neuroscience, which was held at the IIP during 11 to 17 of August 2014.

This talk touches on the bread and butter of my research activities.  It should be completely or almost completely understandable to anyone at least midway through an undergraduate degree in the sciences. Since the participants in the conference came from diverse backgrounds, I had made a special effort to avoid the use of jargon and to speak in as clear a language as I could. (It is probably the longest talk I have given about my research.)

An explanation about the initial statement regarding elves and hobbits, etc.:  These comments  refer to a running “inside joke” at the school, contrasting the distinct scientific cultures of the participants, for example biologists vs. applied mathematicians and physicists etc.


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