Tenkasi M. Viswanathan’s publications

[ Tenkasi M. Viswanathan (AKA Visu) is my father.  His e-mail is viswanathan dot tenkasi at gmail dot com.  No doubt he was, along with my mother, the most important influence on my thinking.   Thanks mainly to him, I came to love mathematics.   -Gandhi ]


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  1. (With G.M. Viswanathan) Spontaneous symmetry breaking and finite-time singularities in d-dimensional incompressible flows with fractional dissipation, EPL 84, 50006 (2008).
  1. (With G.M. Viswanathan) Hydrodynamics at the smallest scales: a solvability criterion for Navier-Stokes equations in high dimensions, PHILOSOPHICAL TRANSACTIONS OF THE ROYAL SOCIETY A-MATHEMATICAL PHYSICAL AND ENGINEERING SCIENCES 369,  359-370 (2011).


Studies on Ordered Rings and Modules, Doctoral Thesis, Queen’s University at Kingston, 1967.

Projective Modules and Symmetric Algebras by Hyman Bass. I (TMV) organized and wrote up these notes of the lectures of Professor Hyman Bass. Published by IMPA, Rio de Janeiro, 1978.

Introdução a álgebra e aritmética (Portuguese). Published by IMPA, Rio de Janeiro, 1979.

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